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BMW 320d 163PK 204D5 Engine Remanufactured

Within 2 weeks


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Part number 204D5
Reference number M47D20, 20 4 D5
Brand BMW
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Part number 204D5
Reference number M47D20, 20 4 D5
Brand BMW
Condition Remanufactured
Item number M00110


Engine: BMW 320d 163PK 204D5 
Manufacturer: BMW
Engine code: 204D5
Condition: Remanufactured

Deposit: On top of the purchase price there is a deposit (€500,-) which will be returned when we receive the old engine.

Shipment: Please contact us for more information about the shipping costs to your country.

All engines are checked, please notice the following guidelines:
• Check the engine on transport damage.
• Mounting the engine has to be done by a qualified person.
• Check if the engine is the right one by the engine code.
• Check the mounting parts as flywheel, turbo, air intake etc…..
• Always use the parts and fluids recommended by the manufacturer.
• Replace all the worn and defect parts as injectors, oil filter etc….
• After mounting the engine check for leakage from water, oil and fuel.
• Please use the engine with care and change the oil after 1000km.